Lumpia Delight: Submitted by: Rachel Toves from Washington State | Date Added: 11 Sep 2012 Ingredients:

2- Egg whites.
4- 25 pc. Lumpia/ Spring Roll Wrappers
1- Large Carton of Strawberries ( Cleaned and sliced ).
2- Large Cans of crushed Pineapple ( or 1 whole pineapple peeled cored and crushed ).
1- Bag of Grapes( cleaned and cut into 4's ).
2- bags of Coconut Flakes
1 Cup of wine ( I use Arbor Mist Pomogranite or grape ).
2- Tablespoons of White Sugar.
1- Teaspoon of Red pepper
1- Bag of chip pieces ( Chocolate, White Chocolate or half of each ).
Powdered Sugar ( For Decor ).
Canola/ Olive Oil for Frying.
Pot for stove top cooking.
Food Drainer.
Large mixing bowl ( large enough that the drainer fits inside ).

Cooking Instructions:

- I begin by having the egg whites and Lumpia wrappers out on the desiganated rolling area. To Strat, I combine the strawberries, pineapple, coconut flakes, red pepper and white sugar into the pot and pour in the wine. Cook until strawberries are soft and everything is rightfully mixed ( about 10-15 minutes on Med. high heat ). Next, after the food drainer is settled into the Large mixing bowl I dump out the pot of cooked ingredients into the drainer keeping the juice from the mixture in the bowl semi surrounding the bottom of the pot. - This is when i add the grapes into the already cooked mixture ( I add at the end to leave a little sweet crunch in the delightful dessert ). You may begin rolling ( exact same as when rolling lumpia ) your treats. The egg whites are used for sealing your Lumpia Delights. When you are finished you may want to cook at a later date, so you may freeze the rolls in an air tight container or ziplock until ready to cook ( they seem to cook much better after having been frozen ). If you are ready to fry... you may do so just as you would regular lumpia ( I prefer to use a deep fryer, but pan is fine as well ). These treats do not need to be served warm. After they are cooked put them aside and in a smaller 2 qrt. pot place the chip peices and melt. lay the lumpia out on wax paper, foil or a tray and spoon the completely melted chip pieces over the treats and let them dry completely. Prior to serving, I sprinkle powedered sugar all over the bottom of the serving tray and decorate with the Lumpia Delights. Lastly, sprinkle powdered sugar over the Lumpia delights. Serve and Enjoy! I have made these but a handful of times and every single time i go back for a second they are all gone! Hope you enjoy my recipe. Thanks, Rachel!

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