Finadeneny Chutney: Submitted by: Sean D Turner | Date Added: 26 Jan 2020 Ingredients:

3 lb Beef Brisket cubed
1 med Yellow Onion chopped
10 lg Lemons juiced
5 tsp Salt
5 Fresh Serrano or Cayenne pepper crushed

Cooking Instructions:

Slice the lemons in half and juice.
Chop the onion, and crush the peppers.
Combine the salt with the lemon juice enough to cut down the acidity.
Next, combine the onion, and fresh crush pepper into thelemon juice.
Finally, cube the beef into 3/4" - 1"cubes and combine with lemon juice.
Let set for about 2-3 hours.
Let the lemon mixture will "cure" the beef, so the does not have have to be cooked.

Serving Ideas: Serve with white, or red rice.

Note: This dish isn't usually used as the main course, but rather a complimenting dish,

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