Keleguen Benudo or Beef: Submitted by: Ely Sarrosa | Date Added: 29 Jun 2010 Ingredients:

1 lb Deer or Beef slice in thin bite size

1 lrg Onions diced

1 Palm sz Ginger chopped in sml pcs

1 pkg Lemon Powder or 6-8 fresh lemon squeezed

2 Tbs Salt

10 Guam Peppers or Habenero chopped (Optional)

Cooking Instructions:

In mixing bowl add meat with onions, ginger and lemon. Squeeze toghther mixing evenly. Then start adding salt alittle at a time. Taste for desired flavor if needed add more lemon or salt for your desired taste. Add peppers and mix for spicey flavor.

Great with corn tortillas or hot steamed rice.

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