Kadon Benudo, Chicken or Beef: Submitted by: Ely Sarrosa | Date Added: 29 Jun 2010 Ingredients:

1-2 lbs Deer, Chicken or Beef (Cut in Med cubes)

1 lrg Onions diced

3 Tbs Oil

4-8 cups Water

4-6 Tsp Garlic powder

2-3 Tsp Salt

2-3 Tsp Black pepper

8-10 pcs Fresh Taro skinned and cut in med cubes

3-4 Fresh Green Plantain Banana cut into 1 inch size

4-6 Freash Corn on the cob cut into 1 inch size

1 lb Fresh Green beans cut into 1 inch (tips off)

1-2 cans Coconut milk

Cooking Instructions:

In stock pot add oil, onions & meat saute till meat turns color stirring once in awhile. Add water, salt & pepper stirring again and let boil for 30-45 min. Add Taro, banana and corn. Let boil for another 20-30 min. Add coconut milk and stir then let simmer for another 15-20 min. Taste for desired flavor if needed add more garlic powder,salt or pepper. Once desired taste is good add green beans and let simmer for another
5-10 min. Then turn off oven and stir again then let it sit for
15 min. before serving.

Serve over hot steamed white rice with hot finedene.

Be ADVICE it will make you DROWSY after eating.... lol

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