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Fried Snake: Submitted by: The Guam Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources | Date Added: 1 Jan 2010
Listed in: Chesa

1 lb. skinned snake, cut in 1-inch pieces
1 Cup Sherry
1/2 t. black pepper
1/2 t. Season-All
1/4 c. lemon juice
1/2 cup Italian salad dressing

Cooking Instructions

1. Marinate pieces of snake in the mixture of sherry, pepper, Season-All, lemon juice and Italian dressing for 2 hours.
2. Drain and dredge with flour
3. Fry pieces for about 15 minutes, turning often until brown.
4. Drain and serve hot.

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Visitor Comments (34):

Trankilu todu lai. Sa' esta sage' umbre.

Whether you speak chamorro or speak chamoru or speak chaminglis. it doesn't matter LAI. Chamorro or Chamoru is only a word. Who you are is what matters. If we (people who grew up on guam after bordallo was in office) grew up in a westernized culture, it really doesn't make it our fault lai. There are people on Guam trying their best to rebuild and recover the language, customs, and the culture. So, please lai stop fan trashing your neighboring islands. Your Familia.
You're forgetting that it was because we (GUAM, SAIPAN) were under the occupation of the Japanese and the U.S. intervened and saved most of our people. You know... where my grandpa was forbidden to speak chamorro/chamoru or else they would be punished. Or how my Great Grandpa's head was cut off because he defended that very culture and language you say we lack. Don't insult, just encourage. That would be the way that chamorros/chamorus can rise again as a strong, UNDIVIDED people.

If you feel you are better than us (Guamanians) because you are fluent, then by all means be that way. BUT, for the people who are willing to help the "GUAMANIAN CHAMORROS" rebuild, then let's do it.
We owe it to the TAOTAOMONA to stand strong TOGETHER.
At the end of the HA'ANE, we are all still brown, big, and hungry.

I na'an-hu si Sean(ti chamorro na na'an lao nahong ha' para guahu). Un dangkulu na si Yu'us ma'ase para hamyu todu guenao huyong gi Islan Guahan, Saipan, Tinian, Luta, Aguijan, Anatahan, Kosrae, Chuuk, and anyone else that is apart of Micronesia. BIBA CHAMORRO! BIBA CHAMORU! BIBA MICRONESIA! BIBA TODU MAN MATAPANG! BIBA! BIBA! BIBA!


P.S. I only wanted to find out if they had a kudun Haggan recipe out of curiosity, but this was better. AND If you are using the internet, then you (too) are apart of the westernization "MOVEMENT". (DALAI, I got a lot of time on my hands today)

Left by: Makkatlahi671 (28 Aug 2016)

ai adai hu nesisita para bai hasu hafa bai tugue,hai tumago este na innosenten taotao para hu ohsa y naan y tano yan taotao guam,anhok ha na ti perfectu chamorro,ma ahjuao ha,despensha ya chamu chumomogue tahlao,sa sempre mana puti hao,, hasu ha na mangai "taotao", lakis hao punetaro!!!ja haje enhao y "guam division of aquatic & wildlife resource" misuse of funds for island, a much needed use is "youth, or even man omko", ya know! Left by: titan chana quitugua (29 Aug 2015)

I submitted a message to the website contact to delete this. Not a funny joke. Left by: Kerri (16 Jan 2015)

I think this person that added this recipes is make fun of Guam's snake infestation. Look who submitted it. Left by: L. (29 Jul 2014)

GET REALL PEOPLE!!!! snake is not food....... go jump in the ocean to refresh your mind.... eating snake is sick!!!!!! :(
Left by: Elly (24 Apr 2014)

WOW , SNAKE ????? Really ?! i', a full blown Chamorrita and not once in my whole life have I seen SNAKE on my table , let alone a fiesta table . false advertisement about our Chamorro people . whoever is in charge of this site , should delete this . this is NASTY to even think about it goin in our mouths . talk about fear factor syle !! Left by: J . Rojas (13 Mar 2014)

Ni ta lanai...Hafa dai este. KALAKAS!!!! Since when dai is this a Chamorro dish....stuts!Yuck! I am a Chamorro and proud. But sorry lai to mention this, but this is a disgrace to our authentic Chamorro dishes. This definitely needs to be removed and placed into maybe the Apaka or Bakuku section. Left by: Familian Sablan (29 Oct 2013)

get real!!!since when did we eat snake as our traditional food? Left by: tan chai (22 Oct 2013)

hanao adai pao lakis hao disti nai an na un kunu i kulepbla guine gi tanota guahan Left by: jp (9 Oct 2013)

Leche boy, fried snake is da men's chesa goes well with the beer that's lancheru style. lol Left by: Guahu real chamorro (6 Aug 2013)

Snake chesa??? Wow!! Something new everyday..scary too...oh we'll !!! Left by: Lyvia (6 Jun 2013)

Hey snake may not be native but neither is spam, rice, or Beer and we got no problem eating those. If the recipes good it may be a good way to rid the island of these damn pest. Left by: R Saunders (4 Oct 2012)

So this is the chesa everyone is been talking about? I don't think I'll ever dine in Guam I might as well go to Sampan way better food. kalakas Guahan . I seen you've lost your Chamorro way of life. Left by: John Babauta (18 Sep 2012)

this recipe is only for chamaoli Left by: palani (29 Aug 2012)

fucken guamanians! stop acting like your chamorros! since when chamorro is spelled "chamoru"? you guys don't even know how to speak the chamorro language.
Left by: Ton (31 Jul 2012)

What in the world are you thinking? This is NOT a CHAMORRO FOOD.........:/ KALAKAS ADAI!!!!!! I have never heard of such a thing of the Native People of Guam,eating snakes. I only know,of us eating eels...Omg!!! How dare you make us look like we really have this kind of food on our FIESTA FOODS...This should be removed from the CHAMORRO/GUAM FOOD RECIPES!!! PS. WE NEVER HAD SNAKE PROBLEMS,UNTIL IT CAME FROM THE CARGO'S,OVERSEAS. SORRY TO SAY THIS,ABOUT YOUR MENU OF FOOD... Left by: D. Santos (9 May 2012)

If you say Fruit Bat, then yes, we Chamorro eat Fruit bats. and besides, it's very munggi! FYI: Fruit bats only eat fruits. lol Left by: Gwyn (2 May 2012)

Snake!? Seriously!? Who ever put this "kadudu" recipe is a "dodo-head" since when do we Chamoru(Chamorro) chow snakes! And since when do we Chamoru use Italian salad dressing as one of our recipes?? Kuksika! Left by: Gwyn (2 May 2012)

I see what this is! You're trying to control the population of brown tree snakes on the island. Ai adai! Hafa este na klasin nenkånno'? I am 37yrs old and raised by my grandparents, but never heard of such a thing. Left by: Christi Warn (20 Nov 2011)

Seriously, is this a joke? That's right...KALAKAS is the word!!! Snake is not Chamorro food. Recipe should be deleted from the website. Left by: A Mafnas (27 Jul 2011)

SNAKE??? U gotta be joking! I'm a native of Guam & never eaten SNAKE. Its not part of our dish. Someone's smoking "pikalolo"or on crack to be desperate to eat snake! Whoever submitted this recipe is definitely NOT from our Island! Don't mess with us! :>€

Left by: icdahl (12 May 2011)

This is loko, to put a menu on the table knowing the natibu don't eat this dish. If you plan to eradicate snakes, CHELU don't use the toatoa tanu as traps. eeeew.... Left by: taotao isla (30 Mar 2011)

Since the snakes can't be controlled, they will try to get the Chamorros to eat them to control the population, like with the now endangered Fanihi or Fruit Bat.

Also, pidgin English is insulting to your culture. You aren't Jamaican. Speak your original actual Chamorro language if you want to preserve your culture right. Not this lazy, ignorant sounding drivel.
Left by: Eslee Perez (20 Mar 2011)

i was born and raised on the island of guam and never did we have this fried snake. Left by: (5 Mar 2011)

sNakE iS sOh nOt pArt Of thEe ChAmOrRo rEcipE..sOh kaLakAs!!! whErE'd yOu gEt thiS idEa.? yOu aRe sOh iNsuLtiNg thEe ChAmOrRo cuLtuRe, hOw nOt aShAmE && diSrEspEctfuL aRe yOU!! Left by: JO (7 Jan 2011)

Lanyat chamorro snake chesa! I don't think so dude. Left by: flores (3 Jan 2011)

Sounds like one of those Georgia/Florida Alligator Recipes. Ick..not chamoru. Left by: LT (27 Dec 2010)

WTH???!!! wonder whose bright idea this is??? This is insulting --- & since when do our local dishes include Italian dressing?? Kalakas! Left by: Jessica (6 Oct 2010)

I must agree with these 3 people...lmao! I am from Saipan and no worries cause I know that this PUNITERU hasnt heard of WELFARE OR FOODSTAMP..WTF? where are you from? Under a rock? Braddah born and raised in Saipan and we CHESA different kinda things and thats to include CANNED GOODS but dalai hao...SNAKE are you for real? you probably smoked the STICKY ICKY BUDZ NO? Left by: PRabago (6 Jun 2010)

To the "Guam Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources. Let me make it clear SNAKE IS NOT A CHAMORRO FOOD. Get your facts clear. You are insulting our culture. Left by: A. Meno (5 Jun 2010)

SNAKE!? Chamorros dont eat snake..maybe eel..but this is the first i heard of snake chesa! Left by: A. Santiago (14 Mar 2010)

Since when adai have we (Chamorus) ever eaten snake for chesa'? Trus, it was submitted by the "Guam Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources". Hafa enao? Left by: J. Pangelinan (11 Mar 2010)

How can you consider this a native Chamorro food item ? If your referring to the the brown tree snake as your main ingredient , let it be understood that this non-native invasive species was accidentaly introduced to the island from New Guinea during WWII during the transport of US and has become the scourge of native wildlife not to mention electrical power grids . Left by: M Tajalle (11 Feb 2010)

What kind of snake, since when did we ever eat snake..... not a chamorro food. Left by: A Meno (9 Feb 2010)


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